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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shopping & Money

Well, it's been a while since my last post, so apologies for that. I hope this moan will satisfy your appetite for reading what a driveling Welshman has to say about "stuff"

So I've been thinking about this one for a while and think that I'm now qualified to cast an opinion. Of course I would.

I'm hoping not so become just a huge whinger about how things are different in Australia to the UK, so I want to just say in advance that I'm aiming to make most of what I write actually use full to know, if your thinking about the move. Just because things are different does not mean they're bad. whether you think they're bad is a choice for you to make.

I've called the post Shopping and Money but depending on how I go here, I might need to do a separate Money post.

There are differences, little quirks, shall we say.

I remember when I first visited Australia, looking like a complete fool while out shopping. I can't remember what I was buying, but I took my item to the checkout, (let's say it was $9.98) payed the young lady with $10 note, and proceeded to stand at the the checkout with my hand open, awaiting my 2c change.

which was greeted with "Is that all today?"

Embarrassment quickly followed as I realised you don't get 2c change, as they either round up, or round down. Idiot.

Grocery shopping is the same but......different.

I never thought I'd say this but.........I miss Tescos

I think the issue lies in the distance between everything here. There are two main supermarkets here. Coles Supermarket, and Woolworths Supermarket.

Over here you'll notice that where there's a town or even a large suburb, there'll be a shopping centre of some description. At ones of theses shopping centres, there will be a Coles, a Woolworths or both. Possibly other supermarkets too like Superbarn, Aldi, and IGA (in smaller areas and suburbs) IGA is more like Spar in the UK...small and expensive.

Because these centres are all indoor areas, there is limited space for Supermarkets to occupy in them.

The result? Not being able to pass a large woman blocking the Isle. I feel stressed while in one of these supermarkets (More that usual)

The isles are often pretty narrow, there're usually quite dark, (Not sure why) and there is NO room at the checkouts for more that two trolleys to queue at one time.

Also, don't believe that everything is cheaper, because it's quite simply not true. Food is just as expensive to buy here as it is in the UK if not more so. I mad e the mistake of trying to work out how much a pack of biscuits would be in pounds and pence to see the difference, until I realised, there is just no point. There's advice for you in there. Don't go around thinking "Ooohhh that's expensive in pounds" What does it matter? If your here and your earning dollars, and spending dollars, there's no point working out how much it "would be" in pounds.

There are a few things however you will pay more for in Australia.

It's now known that a Australians are being ripped off for a few things more than other countries in the world.

Power bills are one of them.

"Australian households are shelling out 130 per cent more for power than Canadians and 70 per cent more than Americans, according to new research."

Electronic items are another one. It seems even though a lot of electronic equipment comes from Asia, which geographically is pretty close, when it does arrive, it is more expensive than what it's sold for in the US or the UK.

There may be a good reason for this but for the life of me, I can't find it.

Another thing your going to hear is the famous Ozzy "Lay-by"

I'll make it simple, you want something in the shop. You cant afford it. Lay-By it.

Not all shops do this I might add. It basically means you put it aside in the shop and it's reserved for you. You then need just pay a deposit. After that you just make payments (However much you like) on it until the full balance is paid and you can take it. All interest free. The only thing is they give you a date in which you must pay the whole amount by or you loose your deposit (And don't get your item).

There is much more I had to say on the issue of shopping but it seems to have all evaded me.

If I do think of anything else that's noteworthy ill be sure to add it. Make sure you comment if there's anything you want to ask!

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